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October 17, 2012
  Pay your Medical Bills Before the Check Comes
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

 If you have been involved in a car accident, or were injured because of someone else's negligence, then chances are that you have hospital bills to pay. Whether you suffered a traumatic brain injury, burn, or sprained ankle, you had to head to the hospital and incur expenses for the tests, treatments, and medications that you received.

Now, you may be facing those hospital bills without any money to cover the costs. Yet you know that you have a settlement pending in court. If you have already won a lawsuit, but have yet to see the money then it may be in your best interests to take action. Rather than sit and wait for the money eventually come in, and in the process allowing the medical bills to pile up, you can take care of the costs now with a lawsuit advance.

At our company, we will grant you the money that you received in your settlement long before it hits your bank account. That was you can cover the medical costs that you have had to pay and we will take the repayment when the actual settlement comes in. You may also need cash to pay for future treatments, medical machines or equipment, and medications. Maybe you need to purchase a wheel chair, or need to attend physical therapy courses.

In addition to pressing medical expenses, chances are that you also have lost money as you have had to recover outside of work. There's no reason that you should have to pile on debt after all you have been through. Talk to an Advance My Lawsuit representative today if you need more information about how to work out a deal with us. We are more than willing to lend you a portion of your settlement for the time being. 

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October 03, 2012
  Bieber, Rihanna Fan Site Operator Agrees to $1 Million Settlement
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Millions of teens and tweens who love to follow pop stars like Justin Bieber and Rihanna are a part of fan sites that follow the celebrities' every move. One fan site design and regulation team was recently attacked when it was discovered that they were soliciting personal information from the children who visited the sites constantly. This is a violation of federal child online privacy laws. The Federal Trade Commission proposed that Artist Arena, the plaintiff, pay $1 million to be divided by the victims of solicitation.

An agency investigation found that the company collected the names, birth dates, gender, and e-mail address of children that were under the age of 12. They did not ask for parents' permission before collecting this information. This is illegal, as they could use the information to harm the children later on. The site also registered the children for fan newsletters without getting permission from their parents. This is a violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Due to the digital age that children operate in, it is essential that websites respect the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and all costs. With the advent of smart phones, even more children are online on these websites and can be pressed to provide personal information.

If you have been involved in a privacy lawsuit and have won a settlement, you may not see that money for a while. Sometimes it takes the courts years to transfer the money from your offenders account to yours. If you have purchases to make now, then you can take out a lawsuit advance. This service can get you the cash you need to meet every day expenses or make a large purchase like a new car without having to wait until the court comes through. You can then repay the loan when you lawsuit comes in! Talk to a lender at our company if you want more information about lawsuit advances! 

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September 19, 2012
  IN-N-Out Accused of Employee Discrimination
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

IN-N-Out is a famous West Coast burger chain that is often a first stop for visitors who arrive at LAX or any other West Coast airport. Yet the popular restaurant that boasts of fresh and delicious burgers has recently been called out in a class action lawsuit. According to Alanzo Brown and Carlos Dubose, they were discriminated against when they applied for jobs at the fast food joint. They claim that the company hires mostly young and white employees, discriminating against older black men and women. The complaint was filed in an Alameda County Superior Court and says that thousands of employees at In-N-Outs restaurants are young and not African-American.

Brown says that he was denied a store associate position in August, though he is confident that he was entirely qualified for the job. He claims that he has a tremendous amount of experience. Dubose applied for a cleanup post and was rejected. The plaintiffs say that In-N-Out practices systematic discriminatory hiring practices, and asks the company to pay them back in the form of monetary relief. The In-N-Out General Counsel says that this lawsuit has no merit, and that IN-N-Out actually has a workforce that is 23 percent African American. In-N-Out executive Arnie Wensinger says that the company does not discriminate based on ethnicity, and would never refuse to hire someone because of their age or race.

Instead, he said that they hire from the local communities and the restaurants naturally reflect the demographics of the community where the restaurant is located. If you are suing your company for discrimination, and are able to win the lawsuit, then you will probably have money coming your way. In the meantime, chances are that you lost your job, and will need an income to pay for the costs of life. That's why you need to consider advancing your settlement! We can give you the money from your lawsuit right now, rather than later! Talk to us today! 

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September 07, 2012
  Maryland Skating Coach Arrested for Sex Abuse
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Genrikh Sretenski's relationship with his students was supposed to be strictly business. As a skating coach, he was paid to educate his girls in the skills that they needed to excel in their sport, and nothing more. Which is why his student was appalled when Sretenski proceeded to molest her. According to the lawsuit that she filed against him, Sretenski pushed the girl up against a wall when he was in his hotel room and began kissing and touching her. When the girl's father heard of the incident, he was enraged. Apparently he found more than 500 text messages on her phone with relational and sexual connotations. Some of them included phrases like "I go crazy when I look at you" and "I love you."

Now, the victim is seeking $5 million in damages. In addition to the emotional trauma that she went through, the skater quit her sport because of what had happened. Formerly, she was known as an elite, national ice skater. Sretenski was arrested in New York on a criminal warrant on September 4th, and now faces sexual abuse charges. Sretenski's lawyer says that the allegations are fraudulent, and that the sexual abuse never actually took place. The skating coach was born in Moscow, and is an Olympian who placed fourth at the games when they were held in Calgary. Allegedly, he told his young student that cute girls always give him trouble. She says that he made suggestive comments leading up to a competition at Lake Placid.

After her first performance, Sretenski called her into his room at about midnight. She claims that he then pulled her onto his lap, touched her breasts, and kissed her forcibly. After several other instances, the young woman quit her sport in order to avoid the constant sensual encounters. If you have been sexually abused and are awaiting money from a settlement, then talk to an associate at Advance My Lawsuit to get the money that you deserve right away! It may take years for the court to process your lawsuit, but if you want to start spending your cash, then you should talk to someone at our company for more information! 

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September 07, 2012
  Muslim Sues Disneyland for Discrimination at Work
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

A former Disneyland employee is suing the Walt Disney Company, alleging that they harassed her and showed religious discrimination because they did not want her to wear her head scarf at work. The woman, Imane Boudlal, worked at a restaurant inside the Disney' Grand California Hotel & Spa. At Disneyland, employees are given specific uniforms, often referred to as costumes, and are supposed to act as though they are "on set" during work hours. Disneyland hopes that this can facilitate the magical atmosphere that they have worked so hard to create within their parks. When Boudlal asked to wear her hijab at work after 2 years of employment, she was told no. She says that she offered to wear a scarf that matched the colors of her uniform, or even one that featured a Disney logo if that would make the company feel better about the arrangement.

In her lawsuit, she complains that the managers at the company denied her request, saying that it would violate the company's policy for how employees look on the job. In addition to denying hijabs in most circumstances, Disney employers do not let their workers have visible tattoos, or fingernails that exceed a quarter of an inch. Boudlal was allegedly given the option to work behind-the-scenes at Disneyland, where costuming was not as important, or was told that she could wear a fedora style had over her hijab while on the job. When the woman refused either option, she was fired. She then alleged that she had been called a "terrorist" and a "camel" at work, and when she reported the comments to supervisors they did nothing to stop it. She says that while Disneyland boasts that it is the "Happiest Place on Earth" she was emotionally scarred there.

Disney argues that they offered Boudlal four different jobs where she could wear her hijab, and say that the woman stopped coming to work when she was angry about the issues. They also said that they give her different costume options that would have accommodated a hijab. A Disneyland Resort spokesperson declared that the park has a history of accommodating religious requests. Still Boudlal is continuing her quest for punitive damages. She also requests that all Disneyland employees be compelled to undergo harassment training.

If you have been given a settlement for a religious discrimination lawsuit at work, then you may be waiting for the money to come in. Because you lost your job, you are probably relying on the money from your settlement to help you make ends meet. Unfortunately, it can take months or years for you actually see that money. Talk to a settlement-advance associate at our company to get the money you won in a lawsuit right now! 

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August 22, 2012
  Kitson Boutique Sued for Failing to Pay Manufacturers
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Kitson is a high profile, expensive boutique that is frequently visited by celebrities and high-profile shoppers. The brand name Kitson is constantly flouted on Hollywood Boulevard or 5th Avenue when the stars of the silver screen take to the streets with clothing and accessories from this store in hand. Yet recently, the luxury store ended up in court when purse companies claimed that they weren't being paid for their manufacturing. According to the South Riverside News Network, Kitson was recently sued for $1.2 million because they weren't paying producers for their goods.

The court papers say that Kitson has been buying branded bags and other items from Cajo since June of 2008. Cajo has invested in the company, but has yet to see returns for the goods that they were selling. Kitson's failure to pay them bad for the bags led to a $2.9 million lawsuit in April of 2010, but the companies were able to reduce the debt to $2.4 million. The company has tried to repay the bag company, but has been unsuccessful. They still owe $1.9 million, though they were able to reduce the cost to $1.2 million after some bartering.

The Cajo executives say that the delays in payment were because Kitson was spending their money elsewhere. The company has been working hard to expand the amount of stores across the nation. Cajo also claims that the owner of Kitson has mismanaged funds, leading to a bad budget. If you have been swindled or cheated because of a business issue, then you have the right to sue. The court can help to enforce your rights. If you win a lawsuit against a company and are awaiting your settlement, you may end up waiting for months or years. Use a lawsuit advance company like Advance My lawsuit to get the money that you need now, instead of waiting for the check to come later! 

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August 16, 2012
  Kirstie Alley Sued by Disappointed Weight-Loss Customers
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Kirstie Alley is the most recent celebrity to be sued for false advertising. According to the court records filed by a plaintiff in California, Kirstie Alley has been endorsing a product called Organic Liason which she claims helped her to lose over 100 pounds. Yet a customer who purchased the product in California says that the tablets are ineffective and that Alley has been advertising in a dishonest manner. The plaintiff claims that Alley lost her weight by appearing on Dancing with the Stars, which permits a rigorous exercise schedule. The plaintiff also says that Alley was on a low calorie diet when on the show, which helped her to drop pounds and inches.

Alley isn't the only woman who has been litigated against due to false diet advertising. Kim and Khloe Kardashian were also sued by disappointed fans in the past when they lied about their own QuickTrim products. That Organic Liaison that Alley has been rallying after is nothing more than a mix of calcium and fiber in a tablet. The QuickTrim tablets that the Kardashians championed were simply an extra dose of caffeine that would not help anyone to lose weight without proper diet and exercise.

Kirstie was the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, a popular meal-planning diet, for three years before leaving to start her own new diet products in conjunction with the Church of Scientology. Alley has also been spending her time writing a tell-all biography about all of the men she has interacted with in her career as an actress. If the plaintiff wins this case, she could end up with thousands of dollars in compensation. With Advance My Lawsuit, she could have that money right away. If you recently one an lawsuit for false advertising and are waiting on your settlement, considering partnering with Advance My Lawsuit to get your money immediately. 

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July 26, 2012
  Jessica Alba Settles Lawsuit with Weight Loss Company
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Actress Jessica Alba recently settled a lawsuit against a weight loss company that she says used her image and name without her permission. According to the court documents, Ms. Alba was shocked to find that a company called Belly Bandit was saying that she was an endorser of the product, although she had never used it. Belly Bandit had posted that they owned "Jessica Alba's #2 Secret for a Fast Post Pregnancy Slim down!" She was among a list of celebrities that had allegedly used the post-pregnancy diet, though it turns out that none of the stars used the product.

Alba filed her suit against two of the bosses at Belly Bandit, seeking $1 million in damages. She also asked for a cut of the profits that were made on the item while they were advertising using her identity. The San Francisco Chronicle states that the lawsuit was dropped when Alba and the company were able to reach a settlement. She received an undisclosed amount of damages for her suit, and believes the company will no longer use her as a poster-figure for their product. If you are involved in a copyright or personal rights lawsuit like this one, then chances are that you won't get your damages for a while. Each case is unique, so your settlement may take days or years to process depending on its complexity.

If you need money now it may seem silly to have to wait for your lawsuit damages to come through. Maybe you have to put a down payment on a home, but you won't be able to afford it until you have your finances from the lawsuit. This and an abundance of other reasons are the reason that we created Advance My Lawsuit. Our company gives you the cash that you need now, and we will reimburse ourselves later when your lawsuit comes in. Talk to us right now if you want to get your damages now! 

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May 15, 2012
  Brett Favre Subject of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Two women have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a famous football player. So far, both he and his former team are denying the allegations vehemently.  In 2008, Brett Favre was playing for the New York Jets. Allegedly, two women were working as massage therapists for the team when Favre started sending them both sexual text messages. They eventually went to management to complain about the texts but were fired shortly after. Their attorneys claim that the two incidents are linked and that both the team and Favre are to blame. 

Last week an attorney for the Jets went before a judge at the Manhattan Supreme Court to have the case dismissed. He stated that the lawsuit is "completely without merit." Favre played for the New York team for several years before being hired by the Minnesota Vikings. He spent the last two years of his career in Minnesota before retiring.  Did you file a sexual harassment lawsuit?  Did it result in a settlement?  If you're still waiting on funds and are in need of money now, contact Advance My Lawsuit now to learn more about our settlement loans

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April 15, 2012
  Football Player Wins Injury Claim
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

A football player that has long dreamed of entering the professional leagues is writing a book about his story. After a terrible accident derailed his dreams, Patrick Edwards is now working towards getting a spot on a pro league team.  He might have entered the professional leagues sooner if he had not suffered health problems among the way. Edwards filed an injury lawsuit against Marshall University, Conference USA and Gil Gebke, a football official, for negligence in regards to a leg injury. Although the details of the incident are not public, it is known that Edwards sustained the injury while playing Marshall in October 2008.

All three parties have agreed to a settlement with the Edwards, a former receiver for the University of Houston. However, the details of the settlement are not being released to the press at this time. According to Edwards and his attorney, the terms of the settlement are satisfactory enough for his pain and suffering as a result of the negligence that occurred.  Were you able to mediate a settlement for your personal injury claim?  Are you still waiting for the funds to be paid?  If so, you may want to contact Advance My Lawsuit now to learn how you can get money before your settlement is paid with our settlement loan solutions.

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April 01, 2012
  Worker Gets $1 Million for Retaliation Lawsuit
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Although it has taken several years for his lawsuit to come to trial, one man has been handsomely rewarded a total of $1 million. The victim, a railroad worker, accused his employer of attempting to retaliate against him after reporting an injury suffered on the job.  According to the lawsuit filed by A.B., he suffered a broken toe in 2008 when a jack failed and a tie landed on his foot. Shortly after he told his company about the injury, he was given a termination notice. The company then gave him a three month suspension before deciding to hire him back.

He felt that the company's actions against him were not just, however, so he decided to hire an attorney.  Under the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 2008, management is prevented from doing two things: disciplining an employee that reports an on-the-job injury and interfering with medical treatment required for the injury.  These factors led to the success of A.B.'s retaliation lawsuit.  If you are waiting on money from an employment lawsuit award, contact Advance My Lawsuit today to learn more about our pre-settlement funding options which allow you to receive money immediately.

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March 15, 2012
  Woman Gets $900,000 after Suffering Injury on Paula Abdul Set
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Rather than go to court, Paula Abdul has agreed to a settlement with a woman who was injured at her home. The woman will walk away with $900,000 for injuries caused while filming scenes for an old reality TV show.  The defendant, J.K., was working with a production company in 2009 to film "Hey Paula." While the show did not go anywhere, the woman remained with her injuries and unpaid medical bills. Although it took several years to reach a settlement, Abdul finally agreed to pay $900,000 while the production company will award the woman an additional $100,000 for damages.

If you have suffered an injury due to someone else's negligence, you could be eligible to file an injury lawsuit and if you are successful, you may receive a settlement or a personal injury award.  However, getting funds from the negligent party or insurance company may take a great deal of time.  If you're in need of money now, you may wish to consider options like settlement loans.  To learn more, take the time to contact Advance My Lawsuit today.

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February 15, 2012
  Drunk Driver Subject of Wrongful Death Claim
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

After facing criminal penalties for driving drunk, one man has also been named in a civil lawsuit. He, along with three taverns in Bangor, is being blamed for the death of two people and serious injuries to four more.  According to police reports, J.P.H. III was driving on a local highway when he struck two motorcycles. Both victims - K.M., 52, and M. A., 47 - were pronounced dead on the scene. Four more people were also injured in the accident that occurred last summer. All of the victims were riding together in a pack along a southern route in Maine.

The lawsuit has been filed by the widows of the two men that lost their lives. The motorcycle accident lawsuit states that the bars should have stopped serving J.P.H. III when it became apparent that he was too intoxicated. In turn, the lawsuit also names him for taking the lives of their loved ones.  If you filed a wrongful death claim and are waiting to receive payment from the defendant, consider pre-settlement funding.  With this options, you can have the money you need instead of having to wait.

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July 15, 2011
  Medical Malpractice Case Leads to $2.5 Million Settlement
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Another medical malpractice lawsuit came to a close last week when the jury awarded the victim $2.25 million.

According to the lawsuit, the victim, a California man, underwent surgery at the Mazzocco Ambulatory Surgical Center. What was supposed to be a fairly simple eye surgery turned into a medical disaster when the anesthesiologist allowed him to go too deep under, resulting in anoxic brain injury. The man listed both the anesthesiologist and the medical center for failing to provide a medically safe environment and practices.

The man's lawyers learned that the anesthesiologist had developed a habit of leaving the room, even while patients were still under anesthesia. His legal team believes that when the anesthesiologist left the room, he failed to notice that the victim had had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, causing him to go to a higher level of sedation.

By the time the trial goes to court, the anesthesiologist will already have settled out of court with the victim.

It can take a great deal of time for a settlement to pay out, which is why you may be interested in ourpre-settlement funding options.  Contact us to learn more!

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March 22, 2011
  Defendants Agree to Pay Family $3 Million for Wrongful Death
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

Almost eight years after it happened, the Daley administration has agreed to pay $3 million to the family of a young man gunned by Chicago police in 2003 for a wrongful death lawsuit.

If it were not for the YouTube video that went viral after the attack, police officer Alvin Weems might never have admitted to shooting Michael Pleasance without proper cause. The 23-year-old was shot at the CTA Red Line's 95th Street Station where he was just a bystander to a fight that had broken out nearby.

At first the police department told the press that Pleasance had struggled with Weems for control of his gun. Yet when the victim's family sued the city the judge overhearing the case ordered that the CTA video be released by the city. It was only then that the police department finally changed their version of the story.

In the video you can see Pleasance standing on the platform, off to the side, pointing at the fight and apparently trying to speak to Weems. The officer responded by pointing his gun at the young man and shooting him in the face.

If you're waiting on money from a wrongful death settlement, learn how you can get cash today by contacting the team at Advance My Lawsuit.

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February 08, 2011
  Injured Workers Get $16 Million Settlement in Wisconsin
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

This week, news sources reported that eight scaffolding workers who suffered injuries during a February 2009 explosion will be receiving a $16 million lawsuit settlement.  The workers were injured during an accident at WE Energies in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Allegedly, the victims were erecting scaffolding outside of the coal dust collector at the power facility when the coal dust in the collector ignited and led to nine workers suffering injuries. After 10 days, eight of the workers decided to hire lawyers and filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin Electric Power Co., U.S. Fire Protection Inc. and their mutual insurance companies.

Their lawyers told the public that the workers reached a settlement of $16 million and will no longer have to go through a jury trial which had been scheduled for May.

Contact us if you would like to receive funds immediately instead of waiting for a personal injury lawsuit settlement payout.

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November 19, 2010
  Man Gets $925,000 Settlement in Police Brutality Case
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In Wichita, Kansas, the Associated Press has said that the city agreed to pay a local man $925,000.  The plaintiff in the case made allegations that police had used excessive force during his arrest in 2006.

Originally, Jason Price had sued the city for $7.5 million after citing police brutality. However, police officers said that Price had interfered with an officer investigating a disturbance at a store in September 2006.  It is said that the officer making the rest bent Price over the back of a vehicle to place him in handcuffs, but the rear bumper of the car caused Price to suffer internal injuries.

After much mediation, the city and Price were able to reach a $925,000 settlement.  It is said that the Wichita City Council will approve the deal this month.

If you are a victim of police brutality and are owed a settlement or award, but are in need of cash now, contact Advance My Lawsuit to get immediate funds instead of waiting.

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November 12, 2010
  NYC to Pay $625 Million to 9/11 Rescue Workers
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

This week, it has been reported that over 10,000 rescue and recovery workers who filed a personal injury lawsuit against New York City were given approval to a multi-million dollar settlement. This means that cash payouts will begin for the plaintiffs involved.

The lawsuit was filed by Ground Zero workers because they suffered health problems that were linked to the rescue of victims of the September 11th attack as well as cleanup of the area surrounding the World Trade Center.

Many of the workers said that they suffered from medical conditions such as stomach pain, respiratory illness and even cancer.  Nine years after the attack the city has been ordered to pay the workers damages of $625 million.  10,043 workers accepted the recent terms of the settlement and 520 declined.

Are you expected to receive payment for a personal injury settlement?  Are you in need of cash now?  If so, contact us to get the money you need instead of waiting for your settlement payment.

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November 05, 2010
  Oklahoma School Board Awards $1.45 Million to Teachers
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In the state of Oklahoma, the school board in Lawton has allegedly reached a settlement worth $1.45 million.  The class action lawsuit was filed by teachers who decided to sue the district back in February 2003.

In 1992, the teachers had accepted an early retirement package, but in 2002, the school board had voted to stop making monthly payments to the teachers. During that time, the school board said that it was facing budget problems.

In January 2008, a jury presiding over the case decided to rule in favor of the 79 former teachers. The school district appealed and won its case, but then the teachers appealed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court which ruled in their favor on June 1st.

Are you waiting on payment from a class action lawsuit settlement or award?  Do not wait any longer to get the money you need. Instead, contact Advance My Lawsuit today.

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October 07, 2010
  Family Wins Settlement in Wrongful Death Case
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In Joplin, Michigan, new sources confirmed that the parents of a girl who was killed during an auto accident four years ago settled their wrongful death lawsuit with an insurance company. The driver that killed the girl was sent to prison for the committing manslaughter as well as vehicular assault.

According to the settlement, the parents, Andy and Debbie Smallwood will be given $50,000 from American Family Insurance Group.  The defendant in their lawsuit was listed as the driver, 20-year-old Jarub R. Baird.

In December 2006, the Smallwoods' 15-year-old daughter Hannah Smallwood was riding in Baird's car.  At the time of the accident, Baird was driving a Mazda Millenia and speeding.   His vehicle left the road, rubbed against a utility pole and then ran through a barbed wire fence. 

It is said that three of the four teenagers were not wearing seatbelts were thrown from the car.  Smallwood was thrown from the back windshield and died at the scene of the accident. 

A witness testified at Baird's trial that he seemed unconcerned about the welfare of his passengers as he walked away from his vehicle following the accident.  He could be heard telling a friend on the phone. "Dude, we flew, man. Seriously, dude."

Baird was convicted of manslaughter and vehicular assault and has been sentenced with jail time for his role in the accident.

Are you waiting for your settlement in a car accident lawsuit?   Get the money you need today by contacting Advance My Lawsuit.

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August 24, 2010
  Woman Sues Disney and Claims Donald Duck Groped Her
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In Pennsylvania, a woman is claiming that she was inappropriately touched by the person wearing the Donald Duck costume when she visited Disney World.  Now, April Magolon is seeking $50,000 in damages for the permanent injuries she sustained.

According to Magolon, she was groped by the character in May 2008.  She says that the employee that was wearing the Donald Duck costume grabbed her breast and molested her. 

The 27 year old said she was vacationing with her family at Epcot Park.  She told authorities that when she approached the character for an autograph, she was touch inappropriately.  She also said that when the incident occurred, she was holding her child.

Magolon claims that the harassment brought on post-traumatic stress disorder and says she now suffers from "severe physical injury" and "nausea, cold sweats, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, digestive problems".  She believes all of her injuries are permanent in nature.

She is seeking monetary damages for negligence, infliction of emotional distress and battery from Disney.

If you are waiting on an award or a personal injury settlement, get the funds you need now!  Contact Advance My Lawsuit today.

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August 13, 2010
  $10 Million Settlement Reached with Generic Drug Producer
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

This past Friday, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said that his office reached a $10 million settlement with generic drug producer, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. and its affiliates, IVAX Corp., IVAS Pharmaceuticals, Scior Inc., Barr Laboratioris Inc. and Duramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

In this latest settlement, the Attorney General's office had filed lawsuits against 46 pharmaceutical manufacturers, saying that they had published "bogus and inflated" average wholesale prices.  This led to the Kentucky Medicaid program paying millions more than it should have for drug reimbursements in the state.

Representatives of Teva Pharmaceuticals USA could not be reached for comments.  The Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control in the attorney general's office has recovered more than $135 million for the state and federal Medicaid programs since January 2008.

Are you waiting on a settlement for a general liability lawsuit?  Get the money you need today by contacting Advance My Lawsuit!

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August 04, 2010
  City of Long Beach Agrees to pay $8 Million in Wrongful Conviction Case
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In Los Angeles, it has been announced that the city of Long Beach agreed to pay an $8 million settlement to a man who spent 24 years in prison for murder.  However, years later, that conviction was overturned.

The man, Thomas Goldstein, was convicted of a 1979 murder based upon a jailhouse informant's testimony that Goldstein had admitted he committed the crime.  Goldstein was later freed in 2004 when two federal judges and a federal appeals panel ruled that Goldstein was wrongly convicted.

Long Beach Deputy Attorney Monte Machit said that despite the settlement, city officials do not feel that Goldstein was wrongfully arrested or that Goldstein's constitutional rights were violated.

Goldstein filed his lawsuit against Los Angeles prosecutors.  In his claim, he said that prosecutors routinely used jailhouse informants, but did not take necessary steps to ensure that informants were telling the truth.

If you would like an advance while waiting for your false imprisonment lawsuit to settle, contact Advance My Lawsuit today!

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July 06, 2010
  Police Brutality Lawsuit Settles for $750,000
Posted By Advance My Lawsuit

In Illinois, a federal lawsuit was filed that alleged a southern Illinois sheriff's deputy zapped three children with a stun gun while they were at an emergency youth shelter.  The deputy also stood accused of threatening to sodomize one of the children.  Now, court documents indicate that the police brutality lawsuit was settled for $750,000.

In the lawsuit, David Bowers and a fellow Jefferson County deputy Lonnie Lawler who watched Bowers' misconduct at the facility acknowledged no wrong doing as part of the deal that was reached.  One-third of the settlement's payout, which is covered by the sheriff's department's insurer, will be applied toward attorney's fees.

It is reported that both Bowers and Lawler still work for the department and their boss has defended their actions.  Sheriff Roger Mulch insists that that the officers followed standard protocol when dealing with the children.

The attorney representing the plaintiffs, Philip Fowler, said that the settlement spared the children from having to testify during a trial.  Fowler said testifying would, "put the kids through the emotional trauma of reliving the event."

The lawsuit was filed in July 2009 and accused Bowers and the other deputy of lashing out while working at the Southern Thirty Adolescent Center, which houses children ages 11 to 18. 

In the court documents that were filed, the deputies' actions were labeled as "extreme, outrageous and unjustified".  The names and ages of the three children were not released.

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